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Culture and Cuisine in Mississippi


Quirky small-town and backroad joints still provide some of Mississippi's best dining. State specialities include catfish, often served fried. For catfish pate, served free as an appetiser, head to The Crown Restaurant in Indianola. In Jackson, Julep offers a catfish taco. If you hunger for a catfish BLT, with a dab of comeback sauce, stop by Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale. You can view our list of top ten places to eat in Mississippi covering the whole state.


Few things are as uniquely Mississippi as comeback sauce. Originating in Jackson it is basically mayonnaise with other ingredients added to make it "garlicky, pink and zesty". It's served with everything from fries to salads. At Walker's Drive-In in Jackson, the Portobello fries come with spicy horseradish comeback dressing. At Delta Bistro in Greenwood, it's slathered on the Reuben sandwich, offered as a dressing for salads and served with crab cakes on a bed of mixed greens and fried green tomato. You can order comeback dressing and comeback sauce, along with other items made in the state, from The Mississippi Gift Company in Greenwood.


Mississippi culture can be found in the state's arts and crafts museums and studios showcasing the variety of local talent. Mississippi's contributions to literature, fine arts and crafts first take a look at the newly renovated, state of the art Mississippi Crafts Centre, located on the historic Natchez Trace Parkway at Ridgeland.


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