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Smoked Boston Butt

Smoked Boston Butt

Dwayne "Big Daddy" Thompson is a native of New Orleans, and now resides in Alabaster, Alabama. He started bottling his Big Daddy Bomb BBQ Sauce after friends repeatedly told him he should. His New Orleans roots gave Dwayne a keen sense for food, but it was his cooking in Alabama that birthed his business. Dwayne’s signature sauce Big Daddy Bomb BBQ Sauce is a tomato based sauce, sweet with a tang of heat blended with the right herbs and spices to accompany Big Daddy’s Smoked Boston Butt or anything you have in your fridge!

Recipe for ‘Big Daddy’s’ Smoked Boston Butt:

  • Hormel Pork Butt (4-6pounds) bone-in washed with vinegar and water - this removes packaged taste and animal fluids. Pork shoulder on the bone is a good alternative in the UK if you can't buy Pork Butt.
  • Slightly trim fat leaving a thin layer to caramelise while cooking.
  • Rub a thin layer of mustard over all the meat. Season with your favourite seasoning (herbs and spices to satisfy individual taste)
  • Place on smoker (utilising charcoal along with hickory and pecan mixed woods) at 150F-200F degrees for 4 hours. On a normal barbecue, you grill your meat, but smoking it imparts even more flavour. To smoke it, you use an indirect heat source of hot charcoal and slow-burning hardwood. You can transform an ordinary barbecue into a smoker.
  • After 4 hours raise temperature to 275F-280F degrees cooking for approximately 3.5 hours
  • Remove butt from smoker, wrap in heavy duty aluminium foil.
  • Place butt back on smoker at 200F-225F degrees for an additional 4-6 hours or until you can press against the foil and the Butt gives no sign of resistance
  • Unwrap, pull and serve with Big Daddy Bomb BBQ sauce on the side or your favourite barbecue sauce. Of course you need the finishing touch whether on the meat or on the side sauce of preference, Big Daddy Bomb BBQ Sauce an original New Orleans recipe made in Chancellor, Alabama but most grilles create their own with a blend of their favourite sauce as a base with added herbs and spices to complement the meat.

Why not try a Tequila Mockingbird cocktail on the side too!


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