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Dismal Canyon, Alabama

Dismals Canyon, Alabama

Dismals Canyon is a limestone gorge situated near Phil Campbell in Franklyn County, Alabama. Designated a Natural National Landmark, this 85 acre Nature Conservatory is a stunning place to hike. It takes a couple of hours to hike the canyon floor and experience its incredible sunken forest. You can explore the intriguing labyrinth of caverns and grottos - a breath-taking 1.5 mile hiking trail on the canyon floor follows Dismals Branch through sky-reaching boulders, past thundering waterfalls, into a lush verdant secret world filled with ferns and giant trees.

Dismal Canyon, Alabama

If that’s not ‘unusual’ enough, wait until twilight falls! It’s in the evening that the canyon really comes to life – it is home to hundreds of ‘Dismalites’, rare bioluminescent creatures related to the glow-worm that light up the canyon with their bright blue-green light. Dismals Canyon provides the perfect habitat for these unique insects to survive. When you look up at the moss covered canyon walls, it's tricky to know where the Dismalites stop and the stars begin. When enough Dismalites are present, they look to form constellations. In addition, there is also bioluminescent Firefly larvae - so you can see Dismalites on the face of the rocks and also firefly larvae in the creek beds. The guided night tours to see these fascinating insects are highly recommended (flashlight required).

Dismalites, Dismal Canyon

Dismals Canyon is a great family attraction that has multi-generational appeal, with its cabin and camping options always very popular, read our blog for more information on dismalites in Alabama or email



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