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Food is one of Mississippi’s most enduring attractions, from world-class cuisine to homestyle meals, no-one leaves hungry! People visit for many reasons, but whatever your taste, you’re sure to find a menu that will satisfy.

Black Bottom Pie, Meridian, MS

Here’s a few culinary experiences from around Mississippi:

Capital Region | Big Apple Inn

From its fragrant hot tamales to their iconic pig-ear sandwich, Big Apple Inn (located on historic Farish St. in Jackson) is a simple yet wildly satisfying culinary experience. With four generations of family members behind the success of this legendary establishment, Big Apple Inn continues to serve up history, nostalgia and unique eats to everyone who enter its doors.

North Mississippi Region | Slugburgers

These tasty Mississippi creations don’t take their name from the garden critter, but rather the old Great Depression-era name reflecting their price. A slugburger was once available for just a nickel (then commonly known as a “slug”). They are made of patties consisting of a mixture of beef, pork, flour or other fillers that are fried in oil and served hot in buns with chopped onions, pickles and a healthy spread of mustard. Fans love this local treat at the Slugburger Festival, which is held annually every summer in Corinth.

Delta | Barbecue

In the South, there is no escaping BBQ – not that anyone would want to! Slow-smoked pulled pork, succulent brisket, mouthwatering ribs and tangy-sweet sauces are an unforgettable part of this traditional Mississippi cuisine. In the Mississippi Delta, foodies will find some of the best BBQ in the country at restaurants like Abe’s in Clarksdale, which has been serving this staple dish for nearly a century.

Meridian | Black Bottom Pie

In Meridian, visitors will find the oldest continuously operating restaurant in Mississippi. Since 1870, Weidmann’s has been serving customers a rich and varied menu of classic dishes. Along with the iconic peanut butter and crackers awaiting guests at every table, people rave about Weidmann’s World Famous Black Bottom Pie, which is a decadent blend of silky dark chocolate cream on a ginger snap crust, topped with a generous layer of fluffy custard and whipped cream – yum!

Coast | Oysters

Mississippi is blessed by a natural bounty of seafood, in fact you’ll find some of the best fresh seafood in the world, from the Gulf of Mexico. Oysters harvested from Gulf waters make their way to tables all over the state. Served raw, steamed, fried or chargrilled – the list goes on – oysters from the Gulf can be found at some of the state’s best restaurants, like Thorny Oyster on the Mississippi Gulf Coast - truly one of the best places to enjoy locally harvested oysters.

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