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Neil from our UK Louisiana office is travelling from Shreveport to New Orleans over 10 days and we will keep you posted on everything he gets up to. So on a Monday unlike any other, Neil's commute for work instead of East Grinstead to Bromley, takes him out and about in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Neil with Alligator

Instead of heading to the local supermarket for lunch, lunch is yards from the Red River bathed in the refreshing Louisiana sunshine. Not your ordinary Monday at all and how often is one lucky enough to meet (and fix the iPad) of a musical Legend such as James Burton a man that has played with all the greats - Elvis Presley,  Johnny Cash & Elvis Costello.

James is heading off to play a gig with Lisa Marie Presley but is happily distracted to regale us with tales of days gone by with unwavering accuracy recalling each and every artist flicking by on the promotional video in the background.

As the sun beats down, off to the Gator & Friends Alligator Park it is for us - these guys are as close as we have to living ancestors of the dinosaurs.  They are incredibly deadly but are more than happy just lounging in the sun. Neil's bravery knowing no bounds gets to hold one of these deadly creatures........."my life certainly wasn't endangered by this little baby though!".

A relatively new opening at the Great Raft Brewing Company reveals a Chief Brewer with a grounding in the art of craft brewing that's taken him from Mexico, Istanbul, Australia and now finds a home producing great quality lagers and Pale Ales in Shreveport.  This fantastic stopping point where you can buy tasters, including a "Growler" of the brew that's 64OZs . The day finished with an evening visit to the Horseshoe Casino which reveals something I think we'd all quite like with a wall adorned in $100 bills to the tune of $1million the eagle eyed security guard clearly knows what Neil's thinking!

A long and tiring day draws to a close before your typical Tuesday gets blown out the water tomorrow.

If you would like an information pack on Shreveport, or anywhere else in Louisiana, email

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