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Day two sees Neil spending a day in the oldest city in Louisiana....Natchitoches.

Loyd Hall Porch Rocker in Natchitoches, Louisiana


With a day like yesterday how can you top that?

Well you don't that's the simple answer, in Louisiana you just go and do something equally as memorable just in a different way.

So Tuesday I find myself in the oldest city in Louisiana in the year it celebrates it's 300th anniversary. Natchitoches providing a perfect stopping point on my journey south is a quaint little place with brick streets, a water front with a Main Street voted one of Americas 10 greatest main streets. Oh and lest I forget the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame with its fantastic architecture inspired by the flow of the river acknowledges the huge part sport plays in the daily heartbeat of Louisiana.

Into my car and my drive leads me on a merry journey along to the Melrose Plantation home to possibly Louisiana's most important and now renowned artist Clementine Hunter to witness 1st hand what are now priceless works of art depicting life on the plantation as Clementine would have lived it in the early 20th century.

When in Louisiana it would seem remiss, no almost rude not to spend at least one night in a plantation home......well then arriving at Loyd Hall Plantation and being very kindly extended the hospitality of the house for the evening is a far from disappointing end to another great day in Louisiana as the sun sets and I sup on a nice cold Abita Brewing Company has to ask how much better life can get?


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