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Discover the rhythm of southern USA on a Grand American Adventures 'Deep South & Delta Blues' tour, including return economy flights to Atlanta.

Win an amazing trip for two to America's Deep South with Waitrose

Waitrose are offering you the chance to journey through America's cultural and musical heritage; from the beginning of Country music to the birth of Blues, Rock 'n' Roll and Jazz. Mix in the fascinating history of a bygone era, the rich soul food that typifies the region and a truly laid back pace of life to complete the perfect southern recipe for your American adventure.

Competition Prize

The competition winner and a companion will join the Grand American Adventures 'Deep South & Delta Blues' tour, which traces the roots of American music in the Deep South along the mighty Mississippi, experiencing the unique cultural landscape that gave birth to the Blues, Country and Rock 'n' Roll. You'll experience the sights and sounds at Music Row in Nashville, on Beale Street in Memphis and along Bourbon Street in New Orleans. To top it off you'll savour authentic cuisine and southern hospitality on a relaxing Mississippi boat cruise.

Highlights on the 'Deep South & Delta Blues' tour include:

  • Cajun culture and cuisine
  • Jack Daniel's Distillery tour
  • Two nights in Nashville - the country music capital
  • Two nights in Memphis plus Elvis' Graceland Mansion
  • Beale Street blues bars in Memphis
  • Visit Elvis' birthplace in Tupelo
  • Take the Mississippi River Road to Natchez
  • Stay in a historic Natchez property
  • Visit the Houmas House Plantation and Gardens
  • Three nights soaking up blues and jazz in New Orleans
  • Mississippi Riverboat dinner cruise


R Head
There's so much to see in the Deep South, I just would not know where to start. The trip described above sounds just too good. I love that Cajun cuisine. Not to mention all that culture!
David Oliver
Need a dose of Southern Hospitality
Geoff Gibbs
New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville - any one would be great but all three in one holiday that would be unbelievable. How else can I escape from Eurovison!
Just organising a 15 days tour for music & dance lovers. What an opportunity....
Andrew John Murray
I have been studying the history and music of the Deep South for some time and this would be a perfect trip
David Johnson
Terrific prize
Roger Kendrick
Sounds really good to me!
Diane Kearns
I might live in the North of England but the music and rhythms of the US South have been a part of me since teenage years.
Here's hoping!

Diane Carsey
Dream come true to visit Graceland, wanted to ever since i was a kid
Ernie Hill
Wow, wow and wow!
Anna Tuckett
Fabulous, thanks!
Alan Chatt
The friendliest people in America are in the South.
David Fryer
Wow! What a prize!
Richard Puckrin
As I love traditional jazz this would be a real treat!
Kate Goodrich
I am obsessed with the USA and this would be a dream come true!
Ruth Macleod
Fingers crossed!

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