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The Queen of Rock and Roll, continues to be recognised as one of the world’s most popular entertainers having been inducted in to the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ in 2015, she has won an incredible eight Grammy Awards and holds the record for selling more concert tickets than any other solo artist in history!

Tina Turner Museum, Tennessee

The West Tennessee Delta Heritage Centre, in Brownsville. Tennessee, is proud to be the home of the Tina Turner Museum which is housed inside the restored Flagg Grove School (the one room school Tina attended during her childhood). Tina, along with her team, worked closely with the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Centre to ensure the successful renovation of her old schoolhouse and the exhibit features costumes, video, gold records, personal letters from royalty and even Tina’s high school yearbook!

Flagg Grove School, Tennessee

The Flagg Grove School is one of just a few remaining single room schoolhouses and offers an incredible insight into what life was like for African-American students during the 1940’s and early 50’s. This humble clapboard structure holds significant historical value for the community and features an authentic chalkboard, desks and benches preserved along with the structure. The land that the school was originally built on was purchased from Benjamin Flagg in 1889. Flagg was a former slave who came from North Carolina after the Civil War, and was also the brother of George Flagg, Tina's great-grandfather.

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Sleepy John Estes Home

Whilst visiting the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Centre; take some time to visit the original home of “Sleepy” John Adam Estes, one of the great pioneers of Blues music. Earning the nickname “sleepy” from his habit of falling asleep during performances, John Estes was a was a very talented individual. A guitarist, vocalist and songwriter with a very distinctive sound; John Estes turned professional at the young age of just 19 years old signing for Victor Records in Memphis in 1929 and continued performing until his death in 1977 whilst preparing for a European tour.

West Tennessee Music Museum

Discover why the road between Nashville and Memphis is known as the ‘Music Highway’. Many famous artists have called West Tennessee home over the years including Carl Perkins, Tina Turner, Justin Timberlake and of course… Elvis Presley. The West Tennessee Delta Heritage Centre features a rotating exhibit of Elvis memorabilia which is loaned by Graceland and includes items from his private collection, wardrobe and tour artefacts.

West Tennessee Cotton Museum

Trace the roots of the cotton industry in West Tennessee that stretches from 1826 to the present day. Understand the impact that cotton has had on the local communities and learn about the cotton farming process and how industry advances changed the way it is farmed today.

Felsenthal Lincoln Collection

With over 800 pieces of Abraham Lincoln memorabilia and artefacts, the Felsenthal Lincoln Collection on display here is the largest privately-owned collection in the Southeast. On his death in 1989, Morton Felsenthal left his entire collection to Haywood County and more of this amazing collection can be found at the local College Hill Centre in Brownsville, TN.

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