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From the beaches of the Gulf Coast to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, you'll discover unsurpassed natural beauty and activities as varied as paddleboarding, ziplining, mountain climbing, hiking and golfing. Here is a sample from each state of different outdoor experiences for you...

Outdoors Alabama

Alabama Scenic River Trail

At 631 miles, it is the longest water trail in any single state of the country. Starting at the Georgia state line and winding across nine beautiful lakes, the scenery ranges from steep stone cliffs to the tranquil beauty of secluded bayous. The trail follows seven rivers and two creeks through back country areas as well as some of Alabama's best-known cities and ends at historic Fort Morgan. The Alabama Scenic River Trail is the longest and most experience-diverse river trail in America, from mountain streams to multi-class white-water rafting to river delta and the salty waves of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Alabama Scenic River Trail Association published five trail guide booklets, each describing in detail the route through a specific portion of the trail and providing information regarding campgrounds, marinas and points of historic interest along the way. Although the association suggests also using more detailed maps, especially in the Delta, included in each guide book are maps outlining the trail's route. The Alabama Scenic River Trail is what adventure is all about!

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Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky

Mammoth Cave National Park preserves the cave system and a part of the Green River valley and hilly country of south central Kentucky. It's the world's longest known cave system, with more than 400 miles explored with new caves continually being discovered. The park's 52,800 acres feature dozens of unique places to go, whether to the gloomy underworld, the cool and languid river or the shadow-dappled rolling hills - Mammoth Cave National Park contains more than 70 miles of back country trails through forested Kentucky hills for hikers, horse riders and cyclists. Several country trails lead to special places like Cedar Sink, Sand Cave and Turnhole Bend. You can visit all year-round, as underground, all days are about the same but the temperatures in interior passages fluctuate from the mid-50s to the low 60s. Mammoth Cave is located nine miles northwest of I-65 between Louisville, Kentucky, and Nashville, Tennessee.Your exploration of Mammoth Cave will take you to places unlike anywhere you've ever been!

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Louisiana Swamp Tours

Louisiana Swamp Tours

The iconic wetlands and swamps of Louisiana have been capturing the imaginations of explorers and writers for centuries. Imagine paddling through a misty Louisiana swamp or flying through the water on a lightning-fast airboat. You'll discover Cypress trees dripping with Spanish moss, exotic bird calls echoing all around you and raccoons and wild boar rustling on the banks. On an airbot snapping alligators swim up for a closer look. All these things have been attracting tourists by the boatloads for years and is still a must do attraction in Louisiana today.

There’s no better way to immerse yourself in Louisiana’s incredibly diverse ecosystem than on a Louisiana swamp tour. As varied as these swamps and their accompanying wildlife are, so too are your options for experiencing them. You can tour them in broad daylight or by the light of a silvery moon when a calm blankets the swamp and you'll spot animals peeking out from the shadows.

The swamp lands naturally hold a special place in Louisiana culture. These marshlands are extremely important within the land and Cajun and Native American Indians have been living in harmony with these lands for centuries. There are over three million acres of wetlands, many of which have been protected to persevere the natural beauty of the wetland.  So on your next visit, make sure you find time to take on of the numerous guided tours available and enjoy one of world’s most incredible natural landscapes!

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Mississippi River

Outdoors Mississippi

With a wealth of waterways and wilderness, Mississippi is the perfect place to appreciate the great outdoors. With fishing, camping, canoeing, cycling, kayaking and more, it’s easy to see why Mississippi attracts sports and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world. Travel along the Mississippi River aboard an authentic paddle steamer or modern river cruise ship then spend a few days on the Gulf Coast. Or for the more adventurous, paddle along the Mississippi with the mighty Quawpaw Canoe Company. Based in Clarksdale and Vicksburg these experienced river masters know the Mississippi like no other. With them on board you’ll be navigating Ol’ Man River like a pro in minutes, including so of the pristine swimming holes along the banks. Visiting the Gulf Coast means you can sunbathe, swim or watch the dolphins bobbing through the waves against miles of white-sand beaches and while enjoying the freshest seafood before browsing the scenic harbour towns.

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Wildwood Grove, Tennessee

Tennessee - Dollywood Theme Park

Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, the Dollywood Theme Park is 150 acres with 40 world class rides, high-energy entertainment, award-winning dining and one of the friendliest family parks. They also recently opened Wildwood Grove, which is the largest expansion in the park’s history. The breathtaking Wildwood Tree catches the eye as butterflies’ shimmer in the daylight. There are rides inside giant acorns at Treetop Tower and aboard a thrilling “leaf boat” on the Great Tree Swing. 

There is also Black Bear Trail and if smaller guests need a quick break, Hidden Hollow contains a 4,000 sq. ft. climate-controlled area with climbing structures, slides and games where kids and their parents can enjoy play time full of exploration. Visitors can also ride with Tennessee’s state symbol—the mockingbird—in an experience they control themselves at The Mad Mockingbird. Others dip and dart through geysers while suspended from dragonflies on the area’s signature ride attraction, Dragonflier.

Nearly $1-million has been invested in Wildwood Grove’s landscaping, with more than 400 trees and 2,300 shrubs creating a beautiful, yet decidedly natural atmosphere to enjoy. As the landscaping continues to mature, the visual appeal of the area will only increase.  Read more about Dollywood theme park here.

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