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We're happy to share all these new things in Louisiana now that travel is starting to pick up and people can start to enjoy their long-awaited holiday...

Louisiana Civil Rights Trail

The Louisiana Civil Rights Trail – Opened in Summer 2021, the new Louisiana Civil Rights Trail tells the unique stories of the Civil Rights Movement including a variety of “firsts” that happened in Louisiana, such as the Baton Rouge Bus Boycott that inspired the famous Montgomery boycott. All the stories can be found online at and markers are being installed across the state to commemorate these heroic acts.

Great River Road and Steamboat Museum - On a dramatic bend in the Mississippi River on the Houmas House estate, the Great River Road and Steamboat Museum serves to interpret the history and influence of the Lower Mississippi in the 19th century. The $6 million facility covers 28,000 square feet museum offers visitors a glimpse of what early life along the great Mississippi River was like. From the wealthy owners of great sugar empires, to the humble lives of the enslaved, this museum details how each lived and survived by this powerful body of water. The museum is also home to an outdoor amphitheater, perfect for seasonal concerts under the stars. A walkway and bridge leading to a promenade atop a levee allow guests to spend time strolling alongside Old Man River or sitting on a bench beneath street lamps.

Andouille Trail ­- The Andouille (an•dou•ille) Trail is a unique culinary byway that will introduce you to our this tasty contribution to Louisiana cuisine born in the River Parishes with French and German culinary heritages. When you taste our andouille, you are tasting our culinary heritage. Be careful to not call it sausage - because of the coarseness of the ground pork, it's not considered sausage by locals, it's simply andouille. Special seasonings, the coarseness of the grind, and the very wood added during smoking, make every producer's andouille product a unique culinary offering - you'll want to try them all!


New Hotels

Four Seasons New Orleans –The hotel sits at the end Canal Street in the former World Trade Center, built in 1967. Following a three-year, nearly $500 million re-do by Four Seasons, the 34-story tower—which was officially added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2014—now has an extra level to hold Vue Orleans, an indoor-outdoor cultural exhibit and observation deck with 360-degree views.

Kimpton Hotel Fontenot – The Kimpton Hotel Fontenot is a stylish, contemporary hotel in Downtown New Orleans. A highlight of the hotel is its stunning Peacock Room, complete with rich jewel tones, ornamental fixtures and elaborate prints and patterns. For a less opulent, more casual experience, visit the hotel’s Gospel Coffee and Boozy Treats for your typical café fare with the option to add a boozy twist – like the Cointreau Praline or the Southern Comfort Brownie.

One11 Hotel - The first new hotel in New Orleans' French Quarter in five decades. Located inside a former sugar factory in the 85-block area of the Vieux Carré, as the French Quarter is also known, One11 Hotel has 83 guest rooms and "sweets" (paying homage to the building's history).

The Chloe – The Chloe is a lively 14-room hotel, restaurant, bar, pool and patio. Housed in a 19th century Uptown mansion, our 21st Century Southern hospitality draws from the old-world glamour, creative culture and unique charm that make New Orleans feel like home.

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