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The World Games will take place in Birmingham, Alabama 7-17 July 2022. With 3,600 Athletes, 34 Sports, 14 Venues over 11 days The World Games is an extraordinary international sporting event that takes place every four year following the summer Olympic Games.

The World Games at Birmingham, Alabama


The Games represent the peak of competition in 30+ unique multi-disciplinary sports on a highly visible world stage. More than 100 countries will be represented by the elite athletes.

In addition to their size and scale, The Games are unique, organisers say, and offer an interesting mix of events with some more traditional sports alongside newer, cutting-edge competitions. Examples include softball, gymnastics, lacrosse and bowling. Spectators will also be introduced to a variety of newer and unique events, such as dance sport, parkour, drone racing, fistball and tug of war.

The Birmingham Organizing Committee is billing TWG2022 as the “next generation of sports.”

World Games event venues include newly opened 45,000 seat Protective Stadium, Avondale Park, Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham Crossplex, Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex, Birmingham Southern College, Boutwell Auditorium, Hoover Metropolitan Complex, John Carroll High School, Legion Field, Oak Mountain State Park, Railroad Park, Sloss Furnaces and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Birmingham has been investing in renovation and innovation around the city, including green spaces and entertainment districts. CityWalk BHM is just one of the many improvements that will be a lasting legacy of the World Games. The area located under the I65-I59 corridor will encompass eight blocks and feature biergartens, food trucks and other vendors.

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The ‘Orion’ Amphitheatre

Huntsville's 'Orion' Amphitheatre

Construction is underway on a state-of-the-art amphitheater that is expected to open in Huntsville in Spring 2022. The 8,000-seat amphitheater is being built by Venue Group, a global entertainment and hospitality company founded and led by Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons and his partners.

Lovett’s love of music and his experience of performing at thousands of venues throughout the world has led him and his company to try and create what he believes will be the ultimate outdoor music venue. But for Lovett, it isn’t just about music. He sees the event space expanding into a 365-day experience and a major part of that experience being food.

“One of the biggest trends in the past 10 years has been an elevation of the quality and variety of food offerings, especially around music,” Lovett said. “We believe there is a huge amount of opportunity in the hospitality side of entertainment to deliver food and drinks of such excellence that they stand on their own two feet as an offering …”

Lovett, a huge fan of Muscle Shoals music hopes the amphitheatre can also be used to highlight the musical talent and history of the Shoals.

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Africatown Heritage House & Welcome Centre

Africatown Heritage House & Welcome Centre, Alabama

The community of Africatown, just north of downtown Mobile, is one of America's treasured historical communities just waiting to share its story. In 2022 the Africatown Heritage House will open to the world, sharing the experience of the journey to/from Africa.

The multisensory exhibit, will bring life to the story of the 110 captives, show artifacts from the infamous ship, and allow visitors to reflect on the past – emphasising how strength, optimism and resilience created a community and country like none other. This will be the only exhibit in the world to include artifacts from the Clotilda.

The future Africatown Welcome Center will be located across from the Old Plateau Cemetery where a mobile home once served as Africatown’s previous Welcome Center. The new centre is expected to open in 2023.

Water Tours: Also in development are boat tours along the Mobile River where visitors can learn the history of those African captives aboard the schoonerClotilda, who were illegally carried through the same waters more than 160 years ago. Discover their survival, heroism and their ultimate story of resiliency as they founded the Africatown community, where descendants live today.

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