ROAD TRAVEL Deep South USA has an extensive system of roads and highways which are all well numbered and clearly marked with directional signs. Strictly enforced speed limits are signposted and vary from 15mph in school zones to 35mph in built up areas, and 55mph or 70mph on open roads. Driving while under the influence of alcohol is a major offence. A full valid UK or EU licence is all that is required to drive in the US. Drivers must be 21 or older – or 25+ for some car rental companies. WELCOME CENTRES All five states of Deep South USA operate welcome centres on interstate and major state highways. The centres are fully staffed and some are open 24 hours a day with plenty of information on Deep South USA attractions and local points of interest. TIME ZONES Deep South USA is divided by two time zones. East Kentucky and east Tennessee are within the Eastern Time Zone (GMT minus 5 hours) while west Kentucky, middle and west Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana are within the Central Time Zone (GMT minus 6 hours). WEATHER Deep South USA has a generally mild climate year-round, yet enjoys the beauty of four distinct seasons. Spring and autumn are seasons of pleasantly warm days and cool nights. Summer daytime temperatures are generally in the 80-90°F (27-32°C) range, although they can occasionally reach 100°F (38°C) on very hot days. Winter daytime temperatures are generally in the 30-40°F (1 to 4°C) range, very occasionally dropping to near zero or below. INSURANCE Medical expenses are high in the U.S. so travel insurance with medical cover of at least £2 million is recommended. POWER The US uses two-pin plugs so adaptors are required. If purchasing electrical goods from the US, be aware they may not work correctly in the UK. TIPPING Tipping in the US is the norm and as a minimum add 15% when dining in restaurants or $1 per drink in bars. The following pages highlight themed itineraries that can be driven individually or combined collectively to showcase this remarkable and fascinating region. The Deep South is a road trip waiting to happen with a playlist that is incomparable and endless. There is an extensive road network with motorways linking the main cities of each state, but there are also scenic highways and parkways that enable visitors to slow-down and appreciate the refined pace of Southern life. We have nowhere to go today and all day to get there!