Culture DEEp-S O U T H - u s A . c O m L A K Y M S T N A L Cajun Country, LA Deep South USA has a distinctly American culture that, it is often said, is more a state of mind than a place. One of the best reasons to visit Deep South USA is to experience this distinctive culture which is so intimately linked with the history, the land and the Southern experience. MISSISSIPPI 1  The new Mississippi Arts Experience (MAX) in Meridian celebrates Mississippi’s extraordinary culture and artistic legends from the Blues to Elvis and Oprah Winfrey. 2  The Spring and Fall Pilgrimage seasons in Natchez are like stepping into the pages of Gone with the Wind to the time when cotton was King. LOUISIANA 3  Vermilionville is a Cajun/Creole heritage and folklife park that recreates life in the Acadiana area between 1765-1890. 4  New Orleans Plantation Country – visit the site of some of Louisiana’s most recognisable historic homes. ALABAMA 5  One of the most visited Alabama churches is the 16th Street Baptist Church in the Civil Rights District of Birmingham. Service starts at 10:45 am each Sunday. 6  Visit the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Earth’s largest space museum and home to Space Camp. Here you can see one of the Saturn V moon rockets. TENNESSEE 7  The Sequoyah Birthplace Museum, Vonore is Tennessee’s only tribally operated historical attraction and location of the Cherokee Memorial. 8  One of the largest state museums, the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville brings the history of Tennessee to life. KENTUCKY 9  Charming shops in Berea sell some of the finest folk art including pottery, weaving, original Appalachian art and more. 10   Paducah is a 19th century river town with the colourful Lower Town Arts District and the International Quilt Museum. Vonore, TN Rowan Oak, Oxford, MS