b'In 1999, the Kentucky Distillers Association formed the Kentucky Bourbon Trail tour to give visitors a first-hand look at the art and science of crafting Bourbon and to educate them about the rich history and proud tradition of Kentuckys signature spirit.It began in the 1700s with the firstand Mississippi Rivers to NewTheres also more barrels of settlers of Kentucky. Like mostOrleans. The long trip aged theBourbon in Kentucky than there farmers and frontiersmen, theywhiskey, with the oak wood givingare peopleso rest assured, there found that getting crops to marketit the distinct mellow flavour andare ample opportunities to sample over narrow trails and steepamber colour. the native spirit and get behind the mountains was a daunting task. Soon, whiskey from Bourbon Countyscenes of such brands as Woodford They soon learned that convertinggrew in popularity and becameReserve, Wild Turkey, Four Roses, corn and other grains to whiskeyknown as Bourbon whiskey. Town Branch, Jim Beam, Heaven Hill, made them easily transportable,In 1964, the US CongressMakers Mark and Bulleit. prevented the excess grain fromofficially recognised BourbonsDont forget to get your official simply rotting and gave them someplace in historyand theKentucky Bourbon Trail passport welcome diversion from the roughfutureby declaring it astamped at each location you visit life of the frontier. distinctive product and Americas Official Native Spirit. to redeem for a commemorative gift Since then, generations ofToday, Bourbon is a signaturethat you can show off for finishing Kentuckians have continued theindustry that helps create jobsyour Kentucky Bourbon experience.heritage and time-honouredand is a growing internationalSo come see where 95% of the tradition of making fine Bourbon,symbol of Kentucky craftsmanshipworlds Bourbon is made and taste unchanged from the process usedand tradition. what makes Kentucky such a special by their ancestors centuries before. While the Kentucky Bourbonplace to visit.So how did it get the nameTrail tour has no beginning or Bourbon? Well, one of Kentuckysend, its probably best to plan original counties was Bourbona trip based on the charming County, established in 1785 whencommunities and cities to spend Kentucky was still part of Virginia. the night. Theres something for everyonebig-city nightlife, quaint Farmers shipped their whiskeycountry towns, Bourbon-themed in oak barrelsstamped fromhotels and historic bed & Bourbon Countydown the Ohiobreakfast accommodations.KENTUCKYTOURISM.COM 41'