Greenwood Tallahatchie Flats Greenwood has a rich cultural heritage born in fields of cotton that once stretched as far as the eye could see. A land noted for warm hospitality and diverse history. A place where a meal can last for hours and the sounds of blues guitars echo all night long. Greenwood even charmed Hollywood and became the setting for the majority of scenes filmed in the Oscar-winning movie, ‘The Help.’ Fans can take the self-guided driving tour and see the locations used in the film. The epicentre of the Civil Rights Movement, Greenwood has several milestone locations integral to the crusade such as Money Road where the brutal murder of teenager Emmett Till shocked the nation in 1955. The Museum of the Mississippi Delta, founded in 1969, is at the crossroads of Delta history and art. The extensive collection includes artefacts related to agriculture, Native America, regional military history and one of the Delta’s most extensive collections of regional art. Visit The Alluvian Hotel & Spa for luxurious, Delta-inspired spa treatments or walk across the street to try your hand at making classic Southern dishes at the Viking Cooking School for a fun culinary experience. If cooking is not for you, then dine at one of many local restaurants known for award- winning Southern cuisine such as the enduring Lusco’s or Giardina’s at The Alluvian. For a true Delta experience, stay in a modestly modernised tenant house at Tallahatchie Flats for a rustic adventure and surround yourself with the serene flat land of the Delta with exquisite sunsets included. The Alluvian Hotel & Spa Resting place of Robert Johnson at Little Zion Church Blues legend claims Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil at a Delta crossroads to play the blues like no one else. His talent took him all over the country, but his recordings guaranteed his fame. Johnson spent time in the Baptist Town area of Greenwood just before his career and life ended by poisoning in 1938. travelgreenwoodms Tallahatchie Flats Robert Johnson Grave Little Zion Church Greenwood, MS