Memphis Memphis Pyramid (image by Allen Gillespie) memphistravel Eat some non-traditional barbecue… Ribs and a pulled pork sandwich should be on your list of things to eat in Memphis, but what about some of its more interesting barbecue dishes? We’re talking about barbecue spaghetti, barbecue pizza, barbecue nachos, deep-fried Cornish game hen and even BBQ tofu for the veggie- inclined. Visit a modern-day pyramid and ride an elevator to the top… Memphis is named after an ancient Egyptian city which helps to explain the giant glass pyramid on the banks of the Mississippi River. Ride the nation’s tallest freestanding lift to the viewing platform for panoramic vistas of downtown Memphis and the mighty Mississippi River. Dance the night away at the most wonderful nightclub in the world… Paula & Raiford’s Disco in downtown Memphis - known to Watch ducks march through the Peabody Hotel lobby Visit the historic Peabody Hotel with its elegantly appointed lobby, cocktail bar and...ducks? Every morning at exactly 11am, the ducks waddle from their rooftop penthouse into the elevator, making their way to the lobby’s marble fountain via the red carpet and back up again at 5pm. March of the Peabody Ducks 149 Union Avenue Peabody Hotel Memphis, USA locals simply as “Raiford’s” - is a legendary nightclub and dance hall that specialises in a unique atmosphere and unforgettable energy. Let the Beale Street Flippers flip over you... You can’t miss the famous Beale Street Flippers. This troupe of young men dazzles the crowd on Beale by backflipping, front- flipping, handspringing and performing daredevil jumps over groups of volunteers all the way down the street. Travel back in time at a Time Warp Drive-In movie night… Not only is the Malco Summer Drive-In Theater one of the few remaining drive-ins in the country, but it also hosts a series of movie nights featuring classic and cult films every month. Here’s how it works: show up at the theater and park your car before sundown. When it’s dark enough, the movies start and go all night long. Memphis has big city energy that moves to its own beat. From its music to its cuisine and culture, Memphis is all about authenticity and creativity. M E M PHIS M I S S IS S I P P I Lights at Big River Crossing Im ag e by Ad arr yll Jac ks on Ima ge by The Pea bod y, Me mp his