Louisiana Plantation Trail

Louisiana's Historical Attractions Top 10

Louisiana really does have it all - this most diverse of states has so much history and heritage to offer visitors, it's hard to know where to start. Our Top 10 is a round-up of the historical attractions in Louisiana we recommend you try to include in your bustling itinerary. In no particular order...

  • Nothing is quite as quintessentially Louisiana as the plantations, so this is a must-do during your trip. There are many to choose from, each brimming with Deep South history. Either take a plantation trail, like our New Orleans Plantation Trail, or take your pick of the many individual plantation sites and tours on offer.
  • The Louisiana African American Heritage Trail consists of 26 sites of African American historical prominence. For those interested in social history, this trail is unmissable. It encompasses museums, churches, universities, and plantation complexes. Undertake the whole trail, or cherry-pick the sites which are of most interest.
  • Atchafalaya Heritage Area is the nation's largest river swamp (Atchafalaya is American-Indian for 'long river'), and is among the most culturally rich and ecologically diverse regions in the US. For lovers of the outdoors and culture, this needs to be on the itinerary.
  • Making it on just about every Top 10 list for Louisiana, and for good reasons, is the French Quarter! This neighbourhood in New Orleans is one of the most historical and is packed with intrigue. Walking tours are highly recommended, and why not pop into the Voodoo museum while you're there?!
  • Baton Rouge is home to Louisiana's Old State Capitol building, a 160 year-old Gothic Revival structure which lovers of architecture will admire. The building is now a prominent political history museum, with highly recommended tours available.
  • For a taste of peaceful Acadian life, Lafayette's Acadian Village is the perfect place to visit. Tours are available, with a number of historic buildings to view.
  • 'Our Sacred Stories' New Orleans tours are the talk of the town, and so popular you'd be advised to book in advance to secure your place. Various tours on offer, but they are all packed with historical facts and plenty of personality!
  • Civil War enthusiasts will be enthralled by Louisiana's Civil War Museum at Confederate Memorial Hall. The oldest active museum in the state, it is home to the second largest collection of Confederate artefacts in the world.
  • The National World War II Museum is New Orleans' top-rated tourist destination. Packed with immersive exhibits, including a 4D cinematic experience, this attraction will keep the whole family informed and entertained.
  • Tired of all the walking? Take a ride on the St.Charles Streetcar Line, New Orleans' oldest electric streetcar which covers 7 miles of the city.

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