French Quarter, New Orleans

New Orleans' French Quarter

Also known as the Vieux Carré, which is French for “Old Square”, the French Quarter occupies the same 6×13 block area laid out in 1722 as the original City of New Orleans.

Often called the Crown Jewel of New Orleans, the French Quarter is one of NOLA's most historic neighbourhoods and is one of the oldest residential communities in the USA. But you'll find plenty of new mixed in with the old.

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French Quarter: Top Things To Do:

  • Cafe Du Monde Breakfast: Cafe Du Monde is a French Quarter institution, renowned for its sumptuous sugar-coated beignets (French doughnuts) and ideally positioned to absorb plenty of French Quarter atmosphere. The perfect way to start your day!

  • The French Market: The ideal place to pick up your Deep South souvenirs, from the traditional to the more quirky. Even if you're not buying, this is a great place to mooch - full of New Orleans charm. Home to some amazing restaurants too: Antoine's; Arnauld's; Galatoire's; Brennan's - just a few of its shining star eateries.

  • Jackson Square: A great place to hang out! Streets peppered with artists and performers create an unrivalled atmosphere that is quintessentially New Orleans.

  • Walking Tours: With so much history on offer in the French Quarter, one of the many guided walking tours has to be a must-do. All you need to know about the area's history, folklore, and architecture.

  • Voodoo Shops & The Voodoo Museum: The folklore and religion of the French Quarter are steeped in the beliefs and practices of Voodoo. There are plenty of places to explore this aspect of the area, and visiting one of the many Voodoo shops is ideal. There are various potions on offer, or perhaps a reading or even a seance is more your thing! The Historic Voodoo Museum offers intriguing alternative tours of the French Quarter which focus on the supernatural.

  • Bourbon Street: A 13 block strip of energetic entertainment! Bars, restaurants, live music venues - It's a vibrant in-you-face nightlife mecca, and the New Orleans LGBTQ epicentre.

  • Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop (on Bourbon Street): This is the oldest building in the USA with a bar! A great historic landmark where you can take a break, have a drink, and listen to the local crooners.

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