Mississippi Tunica RiverPark

Tunica RiverPark

The Tunica RiverPark features a museum showcasing the life and history of the Mississippi River, a nature trail through the riverside forest and overlooks the Mississippi River from a harbour on the eastern bank.

The museum features exhibitions on the Mississippi Delta and local wildlife, as well as the life and history of the Mississippi river. One video exhibit shows heart-wrenching scenes from the devastating flood of 1927. Another tells why the Mississippi Delta ranks as one of the most fertile agricultural areas in the world. Strains from a guitar accompany a short film that tells how the music known as the blues emerged from the Delta culture – and from the land that yields rows of corn, cotton and soybeans that stretch for miles in every direction. There are two stories of history with exhibits dating back to early Indian civilisation highlighting life on the river and historical events including the flood of 1927, so visitors really gain a true understanding of how the Delta and its residents used the power of the river. Here you can also learn about Hernando DeSoto, a Spanish explorer who travelled across Mississippi in search of treasure, but died and was buried in the river before completing his expedition. Within one of the four large aquariums which are full of native river life you can view a variety of fish and turtles. The museum is also climate controlled for you to view wildlife in its natural environment.

The Tunica RiverPark is not only dedicated to preserving the ecosystem of the area but also has a 130-acre riverside forest that provides visitors with a way to see local plants and wildlife in their natural environment. The EcoTrail is next to the museum and takes you 1.9 miles through the forest. Dedicated walkways protect the wetlands and allow you to see a variety of wildlife, and if you are quiet enough you may see deer, fox squirrels, beavers, turtles, snakes and an abundance of birds.

Outside, step aboard the Tunica Queen riverboat, a 400-seat luxury vessel, one of the newest and most exciting attractions in Tunica Resorts, which departs from the RiverPark landing and allows passengers to experience river cruises on the legendary Mississippi River. An hour-long cruise recalls the days when riverboats ruled the inland waters. Listen to the captain tell about the first explorers to stand on the banks of what certainly must have looked like a miniocean. Stand on deck, feel the wind in your face, and wave to the crews of the passing barges, loaded and riding low in the water on their way to distant ports. 

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